Must know Different Types of keywords in SEO


Short tail keywords:

 Short tail keywords consist of two three words. They also called the head keywords, for example online shoes

Long tail Keywords:

Long tail keyword consist of more than 3 words. For example Digital marketing courses in Pakistan. But they are much more specific than short tail keywords. They convey more message to the search engines.

Fresh keywords:

Fresh keyword is newly search keyword (highly recent, trending). After some time, it become out

Ever green keywords

Ever green keywords are those, which remain relevant all the time. But the search volume fluctuate, but the extreme changes does not come all the time. “How to earn money online” 

Product defining keywords

This type of keyword product specific keywords, that explain and describe about product, for example Adidas shoes.

Customer Target keywords

These are person target keyword, it create an imaginary profile to target audience.

Geo targeting Keywords:

These keywords are specific like city, state or country or area, for example Coffee shop in Gulberg Lahore.

LSI keywords:

Latent semantic indexing. These keywords are thematic keywords, which is mainly related to your Keyword. Coffee, coffee images, Coffee beans.

Intent targeting Keywords

When a user performs a Query, their intention fall into three categories: Market defines their keywords,


Some blogs only write for information. The user intent is to collect the information, he is not in a mood of buying and transition, for example, Best sneakers in 2023 (comparative analysis of the Shoes)

Commercial intent:

The user intent for buying Buy best shoes. He visit ecommerce websites.

Transactional intent:

In this intent, user want to actually buy the products, and select the shoes as well ready to transition   So, he check out the best deals of Adidas shoes.

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