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 If you are doing a business or a personal blogger, the organic search ranking is the crucial factor. On-page SEO tricks help to make it successful as a blogger or on-page SEO for E-commerce website SEO experts know about the Google algorithm, to rank the website, and they update the algorithm daily. The new on-page SEO strategies used to please the search bot. To understand the on-page SEO practices, should always keep in mind and give priority to the different factors. The writer should know all this stuff.

Meta Title 

While making the Meta title, you need to identify the unique selling points. No one knows about your business, even you know better. Meta titles are highly valuable, as they used to grab the attention of users and give ideas about website niches at first glance. The title is thoughtfully written, eye-catching, and attractive and creates an emotional impact and enhances the user experience. 

Use the keywords: 

you can also use the keywords in your title 

Meta title Limit: 

Google has defined the Meta title limit, should not exceed it.

Call to action: 

you know, what you are assuming, you offer some discounts, coupon codes, special offers.

Attractive and eye-catching: 

The title must be attractive and eye-catching. It grabs the attention of the users.  

Meta Description:

Consider optimal length: 

Google has defined the limit of the Meta description. Do not overwrite it to describe the landing page. 

Keyword addition: 

The SEO expert can mention Meta keywords in the Meta description. 

Product knowledge: 

The Meta description delivers information about the product. You must write engaging content. 

Authentic and accurate: 

Search engine choose the Meta title and Meta description more specific and authentic, the descriptions well-knitted for that page, 


Both the Meta title and Meta description are part of the source code of the website. Meta Title and Meta description available, the search engine scans the page and whether the content deems relevant. 

Prioritize the content Authority

Content is a major component of SEO. The authentic and relevant content helps to rank the website. Content has the importance of “King” in SEO. The content must be informative, relevant and user-friendly. It should be plagiarism-free. The long content helps to make more links rather than short articles. It supports backlink acquisition and SEO. 

Most relevant and popular keywords Niche: 

you can use the more relevant keywords 

LSI( Latent semantic indexing )Keywords help to cover the more information that is keywords and phrases are mostly targeted. You can get the ranking in the other relevant search engines, rather than using the same keywords again and again. LSI Keywords works for bots to understand the message of the website and content. Adopt a natural and conservative tone. 

Check the search volume of the keywords: 

The search volume keywords refer to the number of searches of the particular keyword in the given time framework. 


Which keywords are used by your competitors? 

Long-tail keywords:  

Long-tail keywords are those who consist of the three and four keyword phrases. It is more specific, what you are selling. The user highly uses search phrases. 

Heading H1: 

in the heading, you can add the keywords and make it BOLD and highlighted. H 2 increases the score of the website.

Optimize the website image with the ALT text

ALT text is also known as an “ALT attributes” and “ALT description”. ALT tags are used in the HTML code that describes the appearance and function of the image on a page. Media is considered an important component when it comes to the category of SEO. As the year’s past, the continued update. The people are talking about the search engines, and need to learn to understand the image. 

  • All tag Provide a better image context, description, 
  • Alt tags provide a better image context, description to the search engine crawlers if the image file cannot be loaded. 
  • ALT text Function recognize the images 
  • Add the important ALT text in your website and content
  • ALT text helps to search out the images
  • It is a good practice and generates a good impact on the user, sometimes the website is not properly uploading, ALT text conveys the actual meaning or purpose, 

Internal Linking: 

Internal links are the links, it goes from one-page, and makes it redirects on that particular page.

Internal linking is commonly used in navigation. The search engine needs to see content to list the pages. They have also access to the crawlable link structure 

These types of links are useful for three reasons, 

  • Allow the user to navigate the website
  • Establish the information hierarchy for the given website 
  • Spread the link equity (ranking power around the website. 

The internal links are also called the “hyperlinks”. The link referral the location and tell the browser and also tell the visible portion of the link to the visitors, it is called the “anchor text” in SEO. It describes the page, what is written in it.

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