COVID-19 Impact on Business


Written By: Amjad Ali Rind  History of COVID-19:  Coronavirus disease COVID-19 was first detected in the animal market of Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei Province of China. The China authorities confirmed that they identified a new virus.  Symptoms of Corona Virus:  The symptoms of coronavirus are difficulty in breathing, coughing, and high temperature.  Firstly, the virus was characterized as an “epidemic” but later on WHO declared coronavirus a “pandemic”. it is an infectious disease that spreads rapidly and transmits from person to person at an exceptional rate”. How has…

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Coronavirus Symptoms and Treatment


Coronavirus is the larger family of viruses, which are most common in different species of animals, including cats, bats, and cattle, and in animals, coronaviruses can infect people and spread between the people of MERS and SARS. Coronavirus contagious spreads from person to person, occurring with MERs and SERS. It has mainly happened between the respiratory droplets produced. Coronavirus respiratory infected person coughs and sneezes. It is similar to how influenza and respiratory pathogens spread. It spread of SARS and MERS coronavirus between people, it has mostly occurred between close…

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