Proven Health Benefits of Seed Cycling

Health Benefits of Seed Cycling

Seed cycling relates to naturopathic  therapy. The main purpose is to balance the oestrogen and progesterone levels by eating pumpkin and flax seeds the first half of the cycle and sunflower and sesame seeds during the second half. 

Seed cycling indicates to consume seeds of different types like pumpkin, flax seeds, chia, and sesame chia seeds. It helps your body to balance your hormones. 

Seed can start taking after the cycle. Improves the symptoms of irregular periods, PCOS, bad cramps, treating acne, endometriosis and fertility. It helps you feel better. Health benefits of Seed Cycling also provides relief in menopause , hot flashes, fatigue and improves mood swings. Seed cycling to lose weight proves to be very beneficial.  

How to Get health benefits of Seed Cycling?

Flax seed ( I tablespoon daily ), and Pumpkin seeds ( one tablespoon) in the follicular phase. The follicular phase starts from the first day of the Period and lasts for 13 to 14 days. The Pituitary gland in the brain releases a hormone to stimulate the production of the follicles of the surface of an ovary. The follicle will mature into an egg.

 The second half of their cycle, which is known as a Luteal cycle. The woman should eat 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds and one tablespoon of Sesame seeds. Until the next period cycle starts again.

 Is Seed Cycling Really effective for PCOS?

PCOS is the common hormonal disorder. It also causes the symptoms of irregular periods, weight gain, infertility and acne on the face. There are multiple natural remedies that help women manage their symptoms. 

The most popular remedy is seed cycling. The practice involves eating seed cycling at different times. It is potential to explore take seed cycling with PCOS.

 Why are seed Cycling Benefits for  Pregnancy?

The process of seed cycling balances your hormones naturally and treats all related problems. Here are the benefits of the seed cycling.

Produce healthy eggs:

Healthy eggs work in a better way. It increases female fertility using the seed cycling. Seed cycling enriched with Zinc, proteins, fibre and omega fatty acid. When the eggs produced, it improves the quality of the eggs. The nutrients can get from the flax seeds and pumpkin seeds that consume the first phase of the cycle. It is very much food as medicine. It is safe to take anytime.

Control Progesterone levels:

Progesterone is another reproductive hormone. It produced in the female body. The female require this hormone for conception

  •  The eating of the seeds link with improved control of blood sugar, heart disease risk factors, and high cholesterol.
  • The seeds are also helpful to maintain the levels of progesterone and increase the chances of the conception.

Prepare Womb for Baby:

Seed cycling gets your body ready for a healthy pregnancy. The hormonal change comes in the body. Makes the womb stronger and healthier to mature the tiny baby. 

The process of seed cycling improves the uterine lining. It is also part of the preparation of pregnancy.  The seeds eaten during the second phase consist of iron, vitamin E, omega fatty acid and zinc. It aids in creating a healthy environment for the baby. 

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