IOS 14.4 Upgrades iPhone Bluetooth and Camera

ios14.4 iphone bluetooth and camera

The latest iOS 14.4 brings lots of improvements in the iPhone Bluetooth and camera. You can also boost the camera app and recognize the QR code. 

The user often will appreciate the camera app and get the ability to know foreign components. You can say in other words. If you want to repair iPhone 12 Models repairs. The technicians use non-apple components to fix the problem of the camera. Sometimes the parts are repurposed from the other iPhone 12 variants. The user will receive a notification that the device is unable to recognize the new Components, unable to verify new components and genuine Apple camera.

The Bluetooth from the front side, IOS 14.4 introduced a new option in the settings. Let the user classify the device type for the Bluetooth-connected audio peripherals. Apple will track the audio level of the ear pod and send alerts to the user. If the sound is playing at the above audio level of the ear pods. Because it potentially damages the ears. The update of iOS 14.4 has fixed the following problems along with iPhone Bluetooth and camera.

Fitness widget not updating:

In general, some users reported that the fitness widget was not displaying and updating the activity information

Image artifacts on iPhone 12:

It has been reported by the unwanted components that appeared in the iPhone 12 Pro did not appear in reality.

Not Correct keyboard Language: 

The user complains that incorrect keyboard language pop up in the messages

Delay typing: 

Apple has found the solution to the bug that delays giving word suggestions on the keyboard. 

Pause the New apps: 

The iOS 14.4 update fixed the bug, after speaking to Siri, the audio stories are paused.

Switch to control impending phone calls: 

Apple has addressed a bug that creates hinders attending phone calls from being answered from the phone calls from the locked screen. When the switch control is on.

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