Mental Health

Written by: Rabia Nazir

As the corona virus is still spreading, coronavirus and mental health disturbs all people very badly. Nowadays, it is becoming a major issue all over the globe. People don’t know how they can resist against Covid-19. How can produce productive work and make their quarantining more valuable? They have nothing to do and the majority of people are utilizing their time by using social media all day and they stay at home all the day as WHO recommend ‘social distance, self isolation it makes the people stressful and anxiety.

Causes of stress and anxiety:

  • Lose interest in family: 

The people are supposed to live with their families but in fact, they are not with them. and some are living an imaginary life because they are so immersed in their online talk. They disremember to give time to their relatives. 

  • Coronavirus news updates:

 Watching and listening to the news too much has a strong bad impact on mental and physiological health. The situation raises anxiety, high blood pressure and society are becoming the victim of depression.

  • Disruption of routine:

 It is one of the critical reasons to go to depression. Many people have no work to do so they wake up late. They go to sleep in the morning and wake up at night.

  • Social distance:

 It can make many people feel overwhelmed, isolated and alone. They cannot go for parties’ functions, musical concerts for enjoyment even they cannot go for meeting their loved ones.

  • Chronic hand washing: 

Scrub your hands at least for 20 seconds or using alcohol based hand sanitizers and wear the mask regularly also feel sometimes irritating.

  • Online work:

Many people are online working on zoom calls, online meetings, attending conferences and seminars. They are doing overload of work and awaking at night disturbing their routine as well.

  • Homeschooling: 

Students who are taking online classes for many hours, preparing presentations and assignments make them lethargic and have a bad impact on their mental health

Tips for managing stress, anxiety and isolation during quarantine time.

  • Always give time to your family.
  • Everyone should wake up and see the sunlight.
  • Always learn something new by E-learning.
  • Take care of yourself, family and friends.
  • Do creative work like graphing, painting, baking and cooking

  • Eat and hydrate yourself for boosting your immunity.
  • Helping others can make you feel better.
  • Sharpen your skills by learning online courses.

       Avoid overexposure to the news and comment section.

  • Try to reframe the way you are thinking about staying home.
  • Focus on the things that you can do easily.

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