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Adding the google WordPress sitemap can bring a positive impact on your website. It helps the search engines bots to crawl and index the website so easily. It will help to improve web pages visibility so easily. 

What is a WordPress sitemap?

A sitemap is a list that both navigates the visitors and search engines to every accessible pages of the website. 

Sitemaps are more important today from SEO (search engine optimization. Here you find some reasons why WordPress sitemaps are important. 

What Is a WordPress Sitemap?

A WordPress sitemap is a list that navigates both its visitors and search engines to every accessible page on a website.

  • Sitemaps inform the search engines about the changes on the website structure.
  • Helps bots to crawl faster and index the website.
  • It helps the search engines to index the large websites with lots of pages that are not well structured and interlinked. 
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What is the difference between the XML and HTML WordPress Sitemap? 

Sitemap can be categorised into two types: HTML and XML

XML: Google XML sitemap contains the metadata together with the website URL and contains all the information, it may also include particular URL last update and how quickly the changes occur. 

HTML sitemap: it provides more straightforward navigation for the website visitors. It specifies, where such posts as Contact US and shopping cart are. It makes the site more user friendly. It helps to boost the search engine ranking. 

 The main difference is between the two is that, XML mostly focuses on the search engines while the HTML sitemap is written for the website visitors. 

Both are recommended for the WordPress sitemaps, it ensures that you are not missing any essential elements, which is related to the SEO. Guarantying the optimum experience of your visitors.       

The new blogs, that do not contain too many backlinks, helps in quickly indexing of the web pages. How to add the sitemaps in the WordPress.    

How to generate an XML WordPress sitemap:

One of the easiest way to generate the XML sitemap by adding the XML sitemap plugin: here you find the some best available options 

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular plugins for improving the WordPress website. The plugins help to resolve all the technical aspects related to content and helps to track the keyword density and readability. It also helps you to create the XML sitemap. 

  • You can install “yoast SEO” from the plugin directory. 
  • Once you activated the plugin, navigate the SEO > general in WordPress dashboard and enter on the feature tab

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