Apple May not add Ear pods, a charging adapter to the iPhone 12 Box

Apple earpods

According to a revelation made by apple thing chi Kuo, apple is not willing to add ear pods and a charging adapter in the box for iPhone 12, when it is shipped to the user. 

Apple wants to provide basic accessories to the user. Apple is looking to exclude the earphones from the box and looking to push the sales of the air pods.  This time you will get in the box. It will be an iPhone and a Type C lightning cable. 

The British Bank Barclay has concluded this point, with multiple Apple retailers. Being on the production schedule by almost four to six weeks. The company will have to sell out the accessories except for the box. 

The price of the Apple charging adapter price is approximately 22.52$, while the 18W adapter price is 52.32 $. These adapter ships with the iPhone 11 Pro 

Kuo said instead that Apple will release a 20Watt power adapter for iPhone users. It will become the optional accessory for iPhone. The production of 5W and 18W power adapters is in production this year. The power adapter of the 20W is similar to the 18W version it comes with the USB C (Type C). It delivers fast charging. Kuo believes that iPhone 12 production will significantly increase the 5G support, but it is also expected that Apple will sell the new models as a compared price iPhone 11 lineup. Apple will include a 5W power adapter with the second-generation iPhone SE. The 12W power adapter will continue to be a built-in current generation of the 10.2-inch iPad and iPad mini. 

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