10 Great Reasons to Drink 🍋Lemon Water Daily

water and lemon juice drinking

Lemon is enriched with vitamin C nutrients.drinking lemon water is a great way to boost your water intake, but it had better take the unsweetened glass of lemon water. Firstly, drinking lemon water in the morning,  it will provide your body great health benefits, what type of water you are choosing, warm or cool, lemon infused water benefits and added in your daily habit, lemon drink  is beneficial for your health.  Reduce weight loss:  lemon for weight loss drinking water naturally boosts your metabolism, and drinking warm water boost your…

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Boost your site performance by using Best word press plugins in 2020

best wordpress plugins

As a blogger, you have chosen WordPress and a content-oriented person. WordPress is an excellent way to get your content out there. You can easily share your thoughts and findings with the world. If you are using WordPress without installing the plugin. It means you are not getting enough benefit from it. Whether you are a WordPress novice, you just want to find out more about the different plugins. The 20 WordPress plugin is very important for every blogger.  Google XML sitemaps:  Google XML sitemap is a useful SEO plugin…

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7 Foods Damage your Kidney Proven by Research

kidney damaged food to avoid

If you are practicing yoga, your instructor might say something like this: “breathe into your kidney”. The kidneys are work horses that plays a very important role in your health and fitness. It is located in your rib cage, either on the side of the spine. Your kidneys are about the size of the fists. The national institute of health, the organs filters more than 200 quarters of blood each day, filter around two-quarters of waste from the kidney. Waste produces, filter the water to the bladder and release it…

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Top 5 On-Page SEO Techniques in 2020

SEO Top to high rank website in google

 If you are doing a business or a personal blogger, the organic search ranking is the crucial factor. On-page SEO tricks help to make it successful as a blogger or on-page SEO for E-commerce website SEO experts know about the Google algorithm, to rank the website, and they update the algorithm daily. The new on-page SEO strategies used to please the search bot. To understand the on-page SEO practices, should always keep in mind and give priority to the different factors. The writer should know all this stuff. Meta Title …

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10 Useful Apps for New Apple Watch

new apps for Apple watch

The apple wearing is the new marvel, the new series is absolutely amazing. Apple watches new series will never know how much it useful if you want to expand the horizons a bit. The apple watch apps are beneficial for fitness sleep and travel. The latest apple watch makes your life easy and comfortable. Here, you find the Apple watch App list to make your daily activities more productive. Map my run: The apple watch does tracking your exercise If you want to take your exercise to the next level.…

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Boost your SEO and PPC Strategy by Using Emojis

emojis- in- SEO-PPC-strategy

 The trend of emoji is back. There is quite a fuss in google decision to support emoji. Google disabled in 2015. Google said that emoji were relevant, useful and full of fun. All types of characters are going to be popular day by day. We all need to know that factors put an impact on the SEO and PPC strategy.emojis also used in emojis google search. Emoji can also be used in the Meta description, rich snippet. The title tag, SEO and PPC strategy. It will help you to grow…

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9 Best Ways to Monetize a WordPress Blog

There are lots of people who start blogging happily and are very excited to make a lot of money. There is no doubt that Earning money from WordPress blog leads to a successful career. But, many people tend to leave up so soon, because they are not familiar with the fact that monetizing wordpress blog sites gradually and get the result.  Are you making plans on how to get paid for blogging on WordPress? It may sound easy. Here are some useful tips to build and maintain a blogger vs…

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