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The apple wearing is the new marvel, the new series is absolutely amazing. Apple watches new series will never know how much it useful if you want to expand the horizons a bit. The apple watch apps are beneficial for fitness sleep and travel. The latest apple watch makes your life easy and comfortable. Here, you find the Apple watch App list to make your daily activities more productive.

Map my run:

The apple watch does tracking your exercise If you want to take your exercise to the next level. Map my run by is a way to go. You will be able to track your steps, distance, heart rate, aerobic level and recent run history. if you have a pair of UA equipped connected shoes and start recording run the moment and feet touch the ground.


Apple does not load notes on new watches, in additionally to the iPhone and iPad app, you can get the full-featured watch, that let you write, record and view the recent notes with ease. You will be able to see the pictures, add to notes on your iPhone. Syncing is nearly instantaneous in both directions. Audio notes are fully playable, you will also delete the notes from the wrist.

PCalc lite:

 There is one thing in the apple watch, that apple did not build a rudimentary calculator app for the wrist but the people behind PCalc make it a non-issue. If you don’t want to buy the pro version to enjoy it. with the free PCALC lite, you can make free calculation on the wrist, even scribble and speak the formula, if the number pad is too tiny for your fingers.


Apple has owned shazam, support surely for the future update. With Shazam, apple watch becomes speedy, distils the services and more valuable assets, song identification. Launch the app, you will quickly, which song is playing. You can also see the list of which song matches and let you listen to the preview.

Night sky:

How awesome night sky on the iPhones, but it is just as good as the phone screen. you will not only get the notification of celestial events, but you will also be able to point your wrist at the sky to see, planets and constellations are above you whether you are. When you lower your wrist, the app will switch to a celestial compass, that gives 360 degrees and give an overview of the entire sky. There is even a complication that will let you feel that the international space station is flying overhead.     

The score:

If you are a sports lover, the apple watch is a great device for keeping you updated, and the latest news and score. The score app will keep you update about the news and scores of your favourite game. It is free and completely customises, whether you follow the pros or amateur, as well as check out the upcoming games and stay updated on the wrist. You don’t need to be sitting in front of the TV all the time. It is the next best thing.


 Twitter pulled the apps from the Apple Watch, there has been a missing link between our timelines or the wrist. The chirp helps to restore the apps. A simple interface lets you browse the timeline, scan your mentions, and stay updated with the latest trends, with a quick tap, you can like to retweet anything you want to see. Heavy Twitter users can donate a couple of bucks to unlock the version, which helps to add direct posting, DMS and lists. If you are just looking for a way to stay in touch with your feed, the free chirp app needs to be on your watch.

Cheat sheet:

Apple Watch is the perfect device for the things, you want to remember, but Apple does not bundle an app that collects them for easy viewing. Cheatsheet is an indispensable app. You can add, edit, and delete up the three sheets, The free utility is as simple as it gets. The display is the most pressing bit of text on supported faces. If you want more than three at a time, you can pay 2$ to unlock all the versions. You won’t get the encryption and security of an app like IP password, for the quick access, you can write short notes.

Sleep ++

One of the few things apple watch cannot do its own, with the availability of sleep ++ on the apple watch sleep patterns. Just strapped the watch on your wrist, while on the bad. The app will analyse the different sleep patterns and the phrase of the sleep and inform you of the duration and quality of the sleep. It is an amazing feature, automatic sleep detection. By using the health monitoring tools, Sleep will kick at the moment you fall asleep and turn off when you wake up. The one thing you need to remember to do that Apple watch has enough power to make it through the night.

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